Education and Training

Objectives and approach


Work Package 2 will offer a tailor-made programme, responding to the participants needs amalgamated with the needs of the host country to develop a value circle. This value circle will take a practical approach influenced by existing best practice to create a co-learning environment that recognises the value the migrants can offer and enables them to create the value through the medium of entrepreneurship

The training and education provided through the project will be outcome rather than process-focused, and will measure and monitor impact from the outset. The provision of training and other services is not a goal in itself, but will translate into concrete results in terms of business creation and growth, the economic and social integration of migrant entrepreneurs in the host community, and the benefits for the community.

 To repurpose and refine content of existing training provided through University partners in order to make content more applicable to migrant communities


 To develop learning activity where: a) Universities learn how to adapt their business support content to make it more relevant to migrant communities and b) NGO partners learn from HEI’s how to better deliver business support activities and community partners increase capacity to support


 To ensure training delivery is delivered flexibly and takes into account any limitations of participants


 To ensure a balance between practice and theory and that training is innovative and inclusive


 To tackle language barriers in new and innovative ways ensure capacity of partners is utilised



 2 x 20 week course delivered by Zuyd

 2 x 12 week courses delivered in London

 2 x 20 week course delivered by UCLL

 150 hours of individual business support delivered

 20 access to finance sessions held