Mentoring schemes


Objectives and approach

The mentoring offered through this project will be focused on the matching process between each migrant entrepreneur and the mentor (along with shared interests, prospective sector of activity, background or location), as well as the mentor’s and mentee’s regular availability. Mentor support will last for the duration of the programme to ensure consistency as well as forming a relationship that can be beneficial to the participant beyond the project. The mentor will help the mentee plan the support they require from the programme. This will create an entrepreneurship ecology on a local, and European/international scale. This can then continue to develop after the pilot programme ends and formulates an element of work package 4. Design and implementation of mentoring will create a structure which encourages commitment but is also flexible.


 Matching process

 Match cultures and language where possible

 Match business sector if possible

 Support migrants beyond life of programme



 50 mentoring sessions delivered