Welcome to the Fresh Start project.


In this part of the website you will have access to all the ins and outs of the project. Our approach, our planning, our lessons learnt and our insights.


Dissemination is key to progression and inciting change, therefore, the Fresh Start Team will ensure that the work we carry out is developed and shared in such a way that it is of practical value and use to other organisations – who will want to adopt and apply some or all of our practice and make use of the learning insights we will gain during our project journey.


Migration impacts on all countries of the EU. We want to be able to demonstrate how our project with its emphasis on a) tailoring existing business support packages to support migrant entrepreneurs and

b) accelerating the integration and economic prosperity of migrants - will be of value and use in many different regions and countries. We will not be able to do this unless we are focussed on dissemination and getting our message across.


We will carry out a variety of best practice sharing activities under 3 broad headings: Sharing for Awareness (to promote and publicise what we are doing); Sharing for Understanding (to help fellow practitioners and policy makers empathise with our motivations, to engage in debate with us, to follow our progress – both our triumphs and setbacks); Sharing for Action (to take on board what we have learnt and to apply it to new settings. On the basis of our achievements to be sufficiently inspired to change practice and policy in their own regions and countries.