The Fresh Start partnership will offer a tailor-made programme, responding to the participants needs amalgamated with the needs of the host country to develop a value circle. This value circle will take a practical approach influenced by existing best practice to create a co-learning environment that recognises the value the migrants can offer and enables them to create the value through the medium of entrepreneurship.


Co-create and participate

Our key organising principle and method is that implementation and delivery should be collaborative and participatory – designed to allow the participant to learn through making connections to the educational, entrepreneurial and migrant communities. We will use network analysis methods to see who is offering which services to migrant entrepreneurs, ‘Delphi rounds’ to create a consensus on the various entrepreneurship identities amongst the migrant entrepreneur and educational communities; narrative analysis to create a storytelling platform to bring together their stories of different communities; user centred design to link participants to their learning trajectories, multi-stakeholder focus groups to assess the social impact and to align to the desired outcomes of the various communities. It will be a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, aligned with the emerging participation culture. Progress will be achieved by co-learning and co-working.


Each member states approach will follow the co-creation method but will be tailored to the context in each country. This will provide a comparison for understanding entrepreneurship and migrants in each member state.