About the project:


Project duration and start date:

24 months starting 1st of June 2017


The Fresh Start programme will support 120 young migrant entrepreneurs across 3 EU states over 2 years, offering them the chance to acquire the necessary skills and the qualities for a future as an entrepreneur.

Our aim is very much to go beyond the simple provision of support. We want to develop and pilot a replicateable and scaleable platform for a system of support services to: empower migrants and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit; provide access to local knowledge, networks and business; and to help young migrants to navigate the system in the host country and to support their start-ups.


Fresh Start will offer support across the three dimensions identified as best practice by EC publications:


  • Competencies and skills division – through the delivery of individual and group business support, legal advice etc.

  • Provision of social capital – through mentoring and networking events.

  • Tangible needs – through access to affordable/free workspace and links to the wider

  • Access to a business support community including finance services.